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Sonnie Dean Menzies

Founder & Chairman

Sonnie Dean Menzies Bio

With roots in the Caribbean tropics of Belize, Sonnie Dean knows what it means to grow up in an environment where trauma and poverty are the norms.  He was one of ten children born to a single mother, who worked tirelessly against a system that was designed to break her.

It’s these earliest memories that planted the seeds for Menzies Philanthropic Foundation.

 “I was introduced to shamanic breathwork that quite frankly changed my life,” Sonnie recalls. “It cracked my mind and heart wide open, and I started realizing that we all have deep unresolved trauma that presents itself in all areas of our life.” As he began to excavate these traumas, old narratives and limited beliefs fell away and Sonnie began experiencing freedom he never knew existed but spiritual freedom that his soul has been yearning for. And so the journey of deep internal metamorphoses began as he learned how to go inward and continue his self-healing shamanic journey. He began devoting much of his time & energy to learning various modalities for his own healing. Through that, Sonnie realized the depths of the traumas he had carried with him reflected the greater trauma occurring not only in the rest of his family but in his home country and the world. That realization had a profound effect on his son, family, friends, and everyone he met.




  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology – Chaminade University of Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Shamanic Ministerial Ordainment – Venus Rising Association for Transformation
  • Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator- Venus Rising Association for Transformation
  • Shamanic Usui & Tibetan Reiki Level I, II & III / ART – Venus Rising Association for Transformation

An initiation had taken root during Sonnie’s sovereign time of healing and unraveling. He remembered passionate promises he had made as a child to do whatever was necessary when the time was right, to make sure no child would ever have to endure the things he and his siblings endured. It’s that promise that’s led us here, to this moment, to this deeply sacred work of creating a healthier world. It’s time we go back to the ancient ways of community while incorporating the newest and greenest technology and architecture we have available to us in our modern era, a community that supports and prioritizes individual healing & collective thriving.

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